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Chapter 5 discusses religious life in Trinidad beginning with a shocking scene of a demonic possession and exorcism during an afternoon prayer hour. The scene highlights some of the major ideas explored in this chapter including the blending of religion and culture in the Caribbean, charisma in the highly institutionalized PAWI churches, and the informal Charismatic networking strategies of PAWI leaders that somehow defy the iron cage of rationality. This chapter develops new and creative concepts such as the “Bureaucrasaurus” and “Charismaticrats” to understand the various styles and networking strategies of highly Charismatic religious leaders in PAWI. This chapter ends with an analysis of PAWI’s emerging voice in shaping Caribbean life as it joins the political and economic elite of the region.


Bureaucratic Religious leaders Charismatic religious leaders Religion and politics Religion and culture Religion and economics Demonic possessions and exorcisms Charismatic religion and the iron cage 

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