Creative (Compensatory) Advantage

  • Ruth Richards
Part of the Palgrave Studies in Creativity and Culture book series (PASCC)


Surprising to some, this exploration is about health—an everyday creative (compensatory) advantage found with a family/personal history of certain major psychological disorders. The advantage goes to “better functioning” persons. This can be about a “state” or an ongoing “trait.” Here is a delicate nonlinear balance once again, here resulting in an “inverted-U” effect; this isn’t always well understood. Nor do certain research designs bring out the subtleties. Nor do findings on a few creatively eminent individuals necessarily or at all generalize (however important they may be in themselves) to everyone, nor to everyday creativity. Considered are phenomena linked to bipolar and schizophrenia spectra of disorders, for individuals and families. Implications could improve the lives, literally, of millions of people.

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  • Ruth Richards
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