Once ‘the Only True Austrians’: Mobilising Jewish Memory of the First World War for Belonging in the New Austrian Nation, 1929–1938

  • Tim Corbett


Following the collapse of the Habsburg Empire, contemporaries and later historians alike remarked that the ‘only true Austrians’ left were the Jewish Austrians. This chapter analyses the memory discourses concerning Jewish participation in the First World War as they emerged around two memorial sites in Vienna: the Kriegerdenkmal (Soldiers’ Memorial), a Jewish memorial created at the Central Cemetery, and the Heldendenkmal (Heroes’ Memorial), an Austrofascist memorial created at the Heldenplatz, as a platform from which to open up a more fundamental discussion into the transformative nature of Austrianness in the interwar period and the role of Jewish memory discourses therein.

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  • Tim Corbett
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