The Female Side of War: The Experience and Memory of the Great War in Italian-Jewish Women’s Ego-Documents

  • Ruth Nattermann


Nattermann offers an original insight into Italian-Jewish women’s experience and memory of the First World War. The chapter deals with the gulf between the hopes most Jewish women pinned on Italy’s decision to enter the war alongside the Entente powers, and their experience of the eventual horror of the conflict they supported. Drawing on relevant ego-documents and contemporary journals, Nattermann focuses on several activists of the early women’s emancipation movement. The underlying contention is that the experience of antisemitism during the fascist period led to a delusive memorialization of the Great War as a moment of national unity and complete integration of the Jewish minority into Italian society.

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  • Ruth Nattermann
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  1. 1.Bundeswehr UniversityMunichGermany

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