Case Study 3: A Perspective from the Fakery Frontline—An Interview with an Art Forger

  • Duncan Chappell
  • Saskia HufnagelEmail author


John Myatt is an artist who is much sought after and admired for his works, many of which are commissioned and labelled ‘genuine fakes’. He has achieved prominence and fame as a media identity, largely through the Sky TV series Mastering the Art. In January 2017, John Myatt very generously agreed to participate in an international workshop on art fraud organised by the editors of this book and held at the Royal United Services Institute in Whitehall, London. The workshop proceedings were all recorded, including the edited version of the session at which John Myatt spoke and responded to questions from the audience of scholars and practitioners. This chapter is the transcript of this talk. The session was chaired by Duncan Chappell and the session’s background screen slide was the Myatt painting, now on the cover of this book, in the style of the famous American Pop Artist Roy Lichtenstein.


Art forger’s perspective John Myatt Art fraud practice Forged provenance 

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