Introduction: Aims, Context, Parameters and Focus

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This section introduces the reader to the text by setting out the core remit and purpose of the monograph. The text is produced with some important caveats attached; first, that it is not proposed as an encyclopaedic text or handbook for criminological scholarship in Malaysia but does represent a succinct and focused monograph. The text has engaged with the core characteristics of contemporary criminological scholarship in the region whilst providing a meaningful critique of the same. Second, a shortcoming of the text is acknowledged in that it is written in the English medium which principally engages with English-language academic, policy and legal literature. The neglect of Malay, Chinese, Indian, Arabic or indigenous language sources is acknowledged whilst mitigation of this neglect is provided by collaboration with Malaysian scholars, particularly with reference to the case studies explored in key chapters of the text. The methodological approach for this text is best described as a socio-legal critical criminological analysis coupled with focused ethnographic insights based on observations at key institutions in Kuala Lumpur, by both the author and his academic colleagues in Malaysia. The text highlights core tensions, conflicts and compromises both from an examination of the ethno-nationalist political history of the state but also as illustrated by key case studies contained in Chaps.  5,  6, and  7. The first case study examines apostasy, the second detention in Islamic rehabilitation centres whilst the third focuses upon the retention and use of the death penalty in Malaysia.


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