Photoinduced Electron/Energy Transfer Across Molecular Bridges in Binuclear Metal Complexes

  • C. Chiorboli
  • M. T. Indelli
  • F. ScandolaEmail author
Part of the Topics in Current Chemistry book series (TOPCURRCHEM, volume 257)


Molecular bridges that efficiently move charge between remote donor and acceptor sites can be thought of as molecular wires. Insight into the properties of molecular wires can be obtained by studying photoinduced electron transfer in covalently linked donor--bridge--acceptor systems. This article summarizes some of the recent progress in the study of such systems involving transition metal complexes as donor and acceptor units. Specific classes of molecular bridges are considered, namely, polyphenylene, and polyquinoxaline bridges. Basic questions are discussed, such as the transfer mechanisms, the associated distance and bridge structure dependence, and the interplay between energy and electron transfer.

Electron transfer Energy transfer Supramolecular photochemistry Bimetallic complexes Molecular wires 



Charge recombination


Charge separation


Electron transfer


Energy transfer


Franck--Condon weighted density of states


Highest occupied molecular orbital


Intraligand electron transfer


Ligand centered


Ligand-to-metal charge transfer


Lowest unoccupied molecular orbital


Metal-to-metal electron transfer


















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