Solar neutrinos and transport processes

  • E. Schatzman
  • J. Montalbán
Invited Reviews
Part of the Lecture Notes in Physics book series (LNP, volume 458)


Should we approach the solar neutrinos problem having in the principle of Occam’s razor? Which means: do not introduce any new physics before being sure that the currently known physics does not work. All attempts until now have failed. A brief summary of the difficulties of the problem is presented. The phenomenological approaches of Schatzman and Maeder (1981), Berthomieu et al. (1984) and of Lebreton and Maeder (1987) are analysed. The importance of the disagreement between these last models and the results of helioseismology is discussed, and it is shown to be smaller than previously estimated. The need for another process is obvious. It is shown, according to the suggestion of Press (1981), that internal waves generated by turbulent motion in the convective zone, can behave as a new agent of mixing. Recent results obtained by Montalbán and Schatzman (1993), based on a plume model suggested by Rieutord and Zahn (1993), confirm the previous results of Schatzman (1993) and of Montalbán (1993). Despite radiative damping, the diffusion coefficient diverges when approaching the centre of the star, but this effect is limited by the work done by the diffusion process against the μ-gradient. Work is in progress in order to check whether the effect of this transport process is valid and can lead to a better prediction of the solar neutrino flux without being in disagreement with helioseismology data


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  • E. Schatzman
    • 1
  • J. Montalbán
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  1. 1.Observatoire de Parissection de MeudonMeudon-Principal CedexFrance

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