Recent progress in condensed matter physics

  • Paweł Haensel
Invited Reviews
Part of the Lecture Notes in Physics book series (LNP, volume 458)


The interiors of neutron stars contain matter of the density significantly higher than that characteristic of atomic nuclei. Recent calculations of the equation of state of dense matter, relevant for the calculation of the neutron structure, are reviewed. The composition of the liquid interior of neutron star, and in particular the relative fraction of protons, as well as the presence of hyperons, are crucial for the neutrino cooling of neutron stars. Recently proposed mechanisms of the neutrino emission are discussed, and the corresponding cooling rates are compared. Most of the mass of the neutron star crust is contained in its bottom layer. The calculations of the ground state of matter in this density regime indicate, that the topology of the nuclear matter distribution can be very different from the standard one, in which protons are assumed to reside in spherical nuclei. Physics of the corresponding phase transitions in the neutron star crust is reviewed, and consequences for the neutron star structure and dynamics are discussed.


Neutron Star Dense Matter Nuclear Matter Quark Matter Neutrino Emissivity 
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