Direct measurements of a particle-particle interactions

  • R. H. Ottewill
Conference paper
Part of the Progress in Colloid & Polymer Science book series (PROGCOLLOID, volume 67)


Polymer latices, which can be prepared as concentrated dispersions with a narrow size distribution, provide suitable model systems for examining directly the forces of interaction between colloidal particles. Various experimental techniques can be utilized. The most direct of these involves the determination of the excess osmotic pressure as a function of the volume fraction of the dispersion. Using an optically transparent osmotic cell simultaneous optical diffraction measurements can be carried out to determine the structures formed by the colloidal particles. Consequently, order-disorder transitions in the dispersion can be observed and correlated with the osmotic pressure behaviour. If small particles are used, diameter ca. 50 nm, elastic light scattering measurements can be used to determine the structure factor and hence the radial distribution function, whilst inelastic light scattering measurements can provide information about the motion of the particles during interaction. Owing to multiple light scattering effects, these measurements are restricted to low volume fractions. However, the more concentrated systems can be investigated by means of small angle neutron scattering. Experimental results from the various experimental approaches will be described and compared with theoretical calculations carried out using the pair-wise interaction potential for interaction between two spherical latex particles.


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