Circumstellar disks

  • J. E. Bjorkman
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Part of the Lecture Notes in Physics book series (LNP, volume 497)


In these lectures, I discuss the theory of circumstellar disks. There appear to be two basic categories: Accretion disks, which are formed from infalling material, and outflow disks, which are formed in rotating stellar winds. Here I discuss the basic hydrodynamics of rotationally supported (nearly Keplerian) accretion disks, as well as how a rotating stellar wind naturally leads to the formation of a dense wind-compressed equatorial disk. To observationally determine the geometry, density, and velocity structure of these disks, we must be able to calculate their observable properties, so these lectures also cover radiation transport in axisymmetric geometries. Here I discuss the calculation of infrared excess emission, intrinsic linear polarization, and spectroscopic line profiles.


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