The III–V nitride semiconductors for blue light emission: Recent progress and a critical evaluation of their potential in comparison to the ZnSe based II–VI semiconductors

  • S. Strite
Part of the Advances in Solid State Physics book series (ASSP, volume 34)


The GaN based III–V nitride material system holds great promise for optical device technologies in the blue and ultraviolet spectra. Past researchers were hindered by high background electron concentrations, an inability to dope GaN p-type, and lack of a suitable substrate material. In the last several years, significant progress in overcoming each of these difficulties has created widespread interest in GaN device applications. These breakthroughs are reviewed and the remaining obstacles to the fabrication of a GaN laser are identified. Based on a detailed comparison of the material properties of GaN to ZnSe, it is predicted that GaN based lasers will have significantly better performance and reliability.


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