M 87 as a younger progenitor galaxy in the virgo cluster

  • Halton Arp
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Physics book series (LNP, volume 530)


The structure of the Virgo cluster with the brighter, redder galaxy M 49 at its center argues that the rest of the cluster, including M 87, originated from M 49 and is younger. M 87 (Vir A), like most other bright radio galaxies, e.g. Cen A, Per A, For A, shows current ejection activity as well as conspicuous, lines of galaxies originating from its center. It is argued that M 87 is showing second generation ejection of objects which are evolving into younger galaxies.

Observations show that in general quasars are ejected along the minor axes of active galaxies and then evolve into alignments of low redshift, companion galaxies. In M 87, it is argued that the knots in the jet are decelerating outward, evolving into quasars, BL Lac objects and finally lower redshift, aligned companions. If this is true the knots must consist of a low-particle mass plasma and the physics of the jet would have to be recalculated with this new assumption.


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