The QCD string and generalized wave equation

  • George K. Savvidy
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Physics book series (LNP, volume 525)


Earlier proposed equation for QCD string is reviewed. This equation appears when we examine the gonihedric string model and the corresponding transfer matrix. Arguing that string equation should have a generalized Dirac form we found the corresponding infinite-dimensional gamma matrices as a symmetric solution of the Majorana commutation relations. The generalized gamma matrices are anticommuting and guarantee unitarity of the theory at all orders of v/c. In the second quantized form the equation does not have unwanted ghost states in Fock space. In the absence of Casimir mass terms the spectrum reminds hydrogen exitations. On every mass level r=2, 4, .. there are different charged particles with spin running from j=1/2 up to j max =r−1/2, and the degeneracy is equal to d r =2r−1=2j max . This is in contrast with the exponential degeneracy in superstring theory.


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