Black holes, branes and superconformal symmetry

  • Renata Kallosh
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Physics book series (LNP, volume 525)


The main focus of this lecture is on extended objects in adS p+2×S d—p—2 bosonic backgrounds with unbroken supersymmetry. The backgrounds are argued to be exact, special consideration are given to the non-maximal supersymmetry case. The near horizon superspace construction is explained. The superconformal symmetry appears in the worldvolume actions as the superisometry of the near horizon superspace, like the superPoincaré symmetry of GS superstring and BST supermembrane in the flat superspace. The issues in gauge fixing of local kappa-symmetry are reviewed.

We describe the features of the gauge-fixed IIB superstring in adS 5×S 5 background with RR 5-form. From a truncated boundary version of it we derive an analytic N=2 off shell harmonic superspace of Yang-Mills theory. The reality condition of the analytic subspace, which includes the antipodal map on the sphere, has a simple meaning of the symmetry of the string action in the curved space. The relevant issues of black holes and superconformal mechanics are addressed.


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