Yangians of the “strange” lie superalgebras

  • M. L. Nazarov
I. Quantum Groups, Deformation Theory And Representation Theory
Part of the Lecture Notes in Mathematics book series (LNM, volume 1510)


Consider the matrix Lie superalgebra A=gℓ(n|n, ℂ) with the standard generators e ij ; i, j ε ℤ2n. Define an automorphism π of A by π(e ij )=ei+n,j+n. The automorphisms π and −π o t, where t denotes the amtrix supertransposition, are involutory. Dissimilarly to the even case, acquires a natural superalgebra structure. A quantization of the co-Poisson Hopf superalgebra U Open image in new window is constructed. It gives rise to new solutions of the Yang-Baxter equation.


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