Bibliographies on p-variation and ϕ-variation

  • R. M. Dudley
  • R. Norvaiša
  • Jinghua Qian
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    p-variation of real-valued functions f as defined by Wiener in 1924 and developed by L. C. Young and E. R. Love in the late 1930's and others since then. Usually f is defined on an interval, but some papers give extensions to multidimensional domains;

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    ϕ-variation, namely the supremum of all sums ∑ i φ(|Δ i f), where Δ i f:=f(x i )-f(xi-1), φ is a continuous, increasing function, 0 at 0, and x0<x1<...<x n , n=1,2,.... Thus ϕ(y)=y p gives p-variation.


Not included, however, are works on: (a) “quadratic variation” as studied in probability theory and defined as a limit along a sequence of partitions {x j } with mesh maxj(x j −x j−1 )→0, at some rate, or where the sums converge only in probability; (b) the special case p=1 of ordinary bounded variation; or (c) sequence spaces, called James spaces.


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