Implementing a non-strict functional programming language on a threaded architecture

  • Shigeru Kusakabe
  • Kentaro Inenaga
  • Makoto Amamiya
  • Xinan Tang
  • Andres Marquez
  • Guang R. Gao
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The combination of a language with fine-grain implicit parallelism and a dataflow evaluation scheme is suitable for high-level programming on massively parallel architectures. We are developing a compiler of V, a non-strict functional programming language, for EARTH(Efficient Architecture for Running THreads). Our compiler generates codes in Threaded-C, which is a lower-level programming language for EARTH. We have developed translation rules, and integrated them into the compiler. Since overhead caused by fine-grain processing may degrade performance for programs with little parallelism, we have adopted a thread merging rule. The preliminary performance results are encouraging. Although further improvement is required for non-strict data-structures, some codes generated from V programs by our compiler achieved comparable performance with the performance of hand-written Threaded-C codes.


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  • Kentaro Inenaga
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  • Makoto Amamiya
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  • Xinan Tang
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  • Andres Marquez
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  • Guang R. Gao
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  1. 1.Dept. of Intelligent SystemsKyushu UniversityKyushuJapan
  2. 2.EE & CE DeptUniversity of DelawareDalewaveUSA

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