Lagrangian gauge theories on supermanifolds

  • Ugo Bruzzo
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Mathematics book series (LNM, volume 1251)


We describe an approach to the formulation of superspace supersysmmetric field theories based on the theory of supermanifolds (in the sense of DeWitt-Rogers). As a first step, we set up a variational calculus on fibered supermanifolds. Suitable definitions of the properties of local gauge and general invariance of a supermanifold field theory are given and equivalence of these invariances to generalizations of Utiyama theorem is proved. We show that, under some conditions, the extremality of the action functional is locally equivalent to a set of differential equations on the supermanifold.

Another main point in this article is the generalization of Noether theorem to supermanifold field theory. It is indeed shown that the above mentioned invariances are equivalent to a pair of differential identities (strong conservation laws).

The paper ends with the discussion of an example, namely, superspace N=1 supergravity.


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