Optical signal processing

  • D. Casasent
Part of the Topics in Applied Physics book series (TAP, volume 23)


Several optical configurations for signal processing have been discussed. The ability to format the input signals to enhance the processing ability of the optical system has been emphasized together with the importance of the input transducer. Specific attention has been given to the use of the folded spectrum for high time-bandwidth signal processing and to the use of coherent optical techniques in radar signal processing.

From a simple description of the relation between the input raster format and output folded spectrum and selected examples of the use of this system, the potential of this powerful technique should be apparent. The extensive use of the DKDP light valve in radar signal processing has also been summarized in such a manner that the basic input format was identical in all instances. Extensions of these techniques in radar and other signal processing applications to include matched filter correlation are the subject of current research.

In several years these two systems promise to have major impact on signal processing since they utilize the real-time, parallel processing, high time-bandwidth, and correlation properties of a coherent optical processor.


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