Optical image enhancement and image restoration

  • P. S. Considine
  • R. A. Gonsalves
Part of the Topics in Applied Physics book series (TAP, volume 23)


This chapter has presented a brief review of optical image processing and some of its applications. The references presented here are only a sample of a copious source of available information in this field. It is recommended that the reader maintain an awareness of current literature because of the continuous developments being reported.

Optical data processing is in its early stages of utility. Present demonstrations of optical processing are essentially one-of-a kind illustrations of feasibility. The authors believe that full utility of optical processing will be realized with the development of necessary peripherals for interfacing to digital control systems. The incoherent to coherent transducer with a laser beam recorder is one significant peripheral that, when fully developed, will permit practical use of the optical processor. Data throughput rates for some processing applications may then be increased significantly. On this basis, optical processing technology should be emphasized in the coming years.


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