Optimum designed micro active forceps with built-in fiberscope for retinal microsurgery

  • Koji Ikuta
  • Takashi Kato
  • Satoru Nagata
Conference paper
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A new concept of eye microsurgical system is proposed. The final goal of our research project is not only improving surgical instruments but also establishing a total surgical system applicable to today’s most difficult microsurgery at the bottom of an eyeball. The new prototype of micro forceps, which has ajoint to enlarge the surgical area and also has a built-in thin optical fiberscope to increase the dexterity of retinal microsurgery, was designed as the first step of a long range research plan. Since this micro active forceps is equipped with thin optical fiber inside the stem to obtain a lateral view of the retina, drastic improvement of fine operations can be achieved. And the design of active joint and end-effector were optimized theoretically.


Active Joint Binocular Microscope Lateral Image Hand Operation Drastic Improvement 
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Authors and Affiliations

  • Koji Ikuta
    • 1
  • Takashi Kato
    • 1
  • Satoru Nagata
    • 2
  1. 1.Department of Micro System Engineering, School of EngineeringNagoya UniversityNagoyaJapan
  2. 2.Department of OphthalmologyShiga University of Medical ScienceShigaJapan

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