Raman studies of Fibonacci, Thue-Morse, and random superlattices

  • Roberto Merlin
Part of the Topics in Applied Physics book series (TAP, volume 66/1)


The experimental results reviewed in this article are, to a large degree, preliminary. The only exception is the work on non-resonant scattering by LA phonons where the few remaining questions, particularly in regard to the intensity of the doublets, do not (necessarily) call for studies of non-periodic structures. Resonant scattering by LA modes is a different matter, as the results on Fibonacci SLs [5.18] do not appear to have a periodic counterpart. It is clear that further studies are required to clarify the origin of the resonant LA spectra. The work on plasmons is also of preliminary nature, but it already shows limitations imposed by broadening effects which may be difficult to avoid. Other areas remain largely unexplored. For instance, interface phonons and polaritons in non-periodic SLs have not as yet been investigated using Raman scattering. In addition, resonant scattering (as a probe of the electronic spectrum of the SL), may be a useful technique to elucidate some of the expected features which rely on the non-periodic modulation. The available optical data, mainly on Fibonacci SLs [5.15], are inconclusive, and most theoretical predictions [5.9–12, 24–26, 32–37, 39, 41, 42, 52–54] still await experimental confirmation.


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