Surface energy of solids

  • Jacob J. Bikerman
Conference paper
Part of the Topics in Current Chemistry book series (TOPCURRCHEM, volume 77)


At least five conclusions may be formulated after perusing this review.
  1. 1.

    No method so far suggested for measuring the surface energy or surface tension of solids is satisfactory.

  2. 2.

    This failure may be caused, above all, by the fact that solids, contrary to liquids, cannot alter their shape without changing the strain energy in their volumes. The changes in strain energy are so much greater than those in surface energy that the latter remain unrecognized.

  3. 3.

    Solids possess an energy unknown in typical liquids. This cuticular energy exists because the surface region of innumerable solids has a chemical composition, a frequency of lattice defects, and so on, different from those in the bulk.

  4. 4.

    Small solid particles obtained by cooling of vapors, by grinding, or many other methods, usually have a less perfect lattice and more impurity than have bigger crystals of nominally identical composition. Hence, the cuticular energy of the former exceeds that of the latter.

  5. 5.

    Cuticular energy implies no tendency of the surface to contract, i.e., no surface tension. The theoretical calculations of the difference in energy between a broken and an unbroken crystal, if correct, afford a quantity which is related to cuticular energy and, like this, causes no contractile tendency.



Surface Tension Contact Angle Surface Energy Capillary Pressure Rupture Surface 
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List of Symbols


Surface area; a constant


Area of surface or interface per molecule

A, As, Asl

Areas of vapor-liquid, vapor-solid, and liquid-solid interfaces


Combined area of grain boundaries

A0, A1

Surface areas of a large and a minute crystal

A1, A2, A3

Areas of different crystal faces


The longer half-axis of an ellipse; lattice parameter


A constant


The shorter half-axis of an ellipse

C, C1, C2



Cuticular energy


Depth or half-length of scratch


Grain diameter; diffusion coefficient


Modulus of elasticity; intensity of electrostatic field


Internal energy of a bar


Internal energy of a broken bar


Charge of an electron


Helmholtz free energy


Free osmotic energy


Free surface energy


Force; number depending on crystal structure


Shear modulus; arbitrary constant; temperature gradient


Amount of heat evolved


Planck's constant; half-thickness or thickness of a slice or a ribbon; depth of scratch


Initial depth of scratch


Modulus of compressibility; proportionality constant


Boltzmann's constant; coordination number of atoms in bulk; compressibility

ks, kv

Number of atoms in two-dimensional and three-dimensional unit cells


Number of broken bonds per atom


Length; thickness of a crystal

Ll, Ls

Heat of vaporization or sublimation


Length; length of a “roof”; variable length of a filament


Initial length of a filament

l1, l2

Edges of two cubes


Molecular weight; atomic mass


Molecular weight


Mass of an atom; mass of hydrogen atom; mass


Number of atoms in unit cell; Avogadro number


Number of grain boundaries in a wire; number of molecules in unit volume

n+, n

Number of cations or anions on unit area


Gas pressure


Capillary pressure


Vapor pressure above a plane surface

P1, P2

Pressure in gas, in liquid


Heat content

Qo, Qp, Q

Heat of solution of large and powdered solids, and solids with zero surface


Number depending on crystal structure; surface density of electric charge

q0, q1

Heat of solution of unit mass


Radius of curvature; gas constant

R1, R2

The principal radii of curvature


Distance at which deformation becomes negligible


Radius of wires; distance from an atom or ion; cube root of molecular volume; radius of a void


Radius at the bottom of a groove; radius at zero time

r1, r2

Radius of wire before and after elongation

S. E.

Strain energy


Absolute temperature

Tb, Tm

Boiling and melting points


Melting point of plate of thickness l.


Melting point of drop of radius r


Temperature of treatment




Interatomic potential

Ul, Us

Total surface energy of a liquid, a solid


Height of a ridge point

u1, u2

Displacement of neighboring atoms


Volume of unit cell; specific volume of a liquid; volume; molecular volume

V1, V2

Gas and liquid volumes


Load; breaking load


Equilibrium load on a filament


Breaking load of wires


Work of extending a rod


Fracture energy


Work spent on macroscopic deformation


Width; distance between two ridges


Variable depth of crack


Plate thickness


Valency of an ion; effective number of electrons per ion


Angle on a crystal surface; numerical constant; an angle


Contact angle at the edge of a solid


Surface tension of a liquid


“Critical surface tension”


Specific surface energy or surface tension of a solid


Specific free energy of an interface between UC and U vapor


Specific energy or tension of a liquid-solid interface


Surface tension of a solid in a foreign vapor


Surface tension of a grain boundary

γ12, γ13, γ23

Tensions along boundaries between fluids 1 and 2, 1 and 3, and 2 and 3


Specific fracture energy


Thickness of a line on which facts


Thickness of surface layer; an angle


Maximum strain




Contact angle


The characteristic (Debye) temperature


Wave length of disturbances; heat of melting

λ1; λs

Internal heat of vaporization, sublimation


Number of free valence electrons per atom; Poisson's ratio


Cohesion of a solid

ρ1, ρ3

Density of a solid

ρ1, ρ2

Density of a gas, a liquid


Average stress


Local stress


Thickness of surface layer


Potential energy of a crystal


Work of removing an atom from its neighbor; work function; half the dihedral angle in a liquid medium; electric potential


Energy of valency electrons at the Fermi level


Half the dihedral angle in a gas


Dihedral angle in a foreign vapor


Volume of a molecule or atom


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