Parallel relational database systems: Why, how and beyond

  • A. Hameurlain
  • F. Morvan
Invited Talk
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 1134)


This paper aims to describe synthetically integration and use of parallelism in relational databases on MIMD parallel architecture models. More precisely, after exposing the main goals of parallel relational databases, we highlight that it is essential to exploit recent parallel architectures to obtain high performance. Parallelization of database programs requires the use of data placement approaches and data partitioning strategies which lead to extract levels, forms and types of parallelism. As for the inter-operation parallelization phase, the key problem of optimization, we describe one-phase and two-phase inter-operation parallelization strategies. This leads to unsolved problems which constitute a challenge for future parallel relational database systems.


Parallel Architecture Parallelization Strategy Query Tree Multiprocessor Architecture Distribute Information System 
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  • F. Morvan
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