Neural organisation and control of the baroreceptor reflex

  • K. Michael Spyer
Part of the Reviews of Physiology, Biochemistry and Pharmacology book series (volume 88)


Carotid Sinus Fastigial Nucleus Nucleus Ambiguus Carotid Sinus Nerve Neural Organisation 
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Aortic nerve


Preganglionic bronchomotor neurone


Cervical spinal cord


Preganglionic cardiac vagal motoneurone


Dorsolateral funiculus


Di-homocysteic acid


Dorsal motor nucleus of the vagus








Intermediolateral cell column


Intermediomedial cell column


Lateral reticular nucleus


Nucleus ambiguus


Paramedian reticular nucleus


Nucleus of the tractus solitarius


Sinus nerve


Thoracic spinal cord


Tractus solitarius


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