Distance evaluation in pattern matching based on frontier topological graph

  • Gilles d'Andréa
Structural Matching and Grammatical Inference
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 1451)


We focus to an application of control of printing quality in industrial environment. We try to value the quality in the sense of the readability of a text printed in disturbed conditions. We propose in this paper, topological comparison criteria between two superposed patterns, based on a graph representation.

The graph is built according to the regions and their adjacencies in the resulting image of a maximal superposition of two patterns: each edge of the graph is not only joining two regions, but also note a frontier between two regions. The study of this graph highlight creation or loss of connectivity, appearance or disappearance of holes or meaningful part between the compared patterns. This topological study allows us to propose an interesting distance evaluation function between the two patterns to be compared.


Distance Evaluation Function Graph Representation Pattern Matching 


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  • Gilles d'Andréa
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