Fractal dimension and roughness of profiles and surfaces

  • J. G. Moreira
  • J. Kamphorst Leal da Silva
  • S. Oliffson Kamphorst
Invited Lectures
Part of the Lecture Notes in Physics book series (LNP, volume 438)


Fractal Dimension Hausdorff Dimension Fractional Brownian Motion Weierstrass Function Surface Fractal Dimension 
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Authors and Affiliations

  • J. G. Moreira
    • 1
  • J. Kamphorst Leal da Silva
    • 1
  • S. Oliffson Kamphorst
    • 2
  1. 1.Departamento de Física, Instituto de Ciências ExatasUniversidade Federal de Minas GeraisBelo HorizonteBrazil
  2. 2.Departamento de Matemática, Instituto de Ciencias ExatasUniversidade Federal de Minas GeraisBelo HorizonteBrazil

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