Design of the user-interface for an Object-Oriented statistical data-base

  • Erik Malmborg
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The concept of an Object-Oriented Statistical Database (OOSD) is rather new. The approach taken in this paper unifies two different traditions leading to OOSD. The first tradition is from Object-Oriented Programming Systems and languages in the Smalltalk tradition. The other tradition is from database systems able to handle more complex objects than records (or segments). Examples of such systems can be found in e g CAD/CAM and Office Information Systems.

The emphasis of the paper is on the user interface. The development towards modern Window-Icon-Mouse interfaces is described. The specific interfaces to be designed are a graphical meta-data browser, a graphic table-design language and the interaction between these.

The paper includes an analysis of different approaches for the interaction between query (or table-design) languages and meta-data handling, leading to the proposed "Macintosh-style" interaction.


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