Molding of polymers under conditions of vibration effects

  • M. L. Fridman
  • S. L. Peshkovsky
Conference paper
Part of the Advances in Polymer Science book series (POLYMER, volume 93)


This paper reviews the results of investigations into low-frequency mechanical and high-frequency (ultrasonic) vibration effects upon flowable polymeric systems, primarily, on molten commercial thermoplastics. We tried to systematize possible techniques to realize vibration in molding of polymers. Theoretical and experimental corroboration is provided for major effects obtained at cyclic (shear and bulk) strains of molten polymers and compositions based thereon. It is demonstrated that combined stress of polymeric media is attained under overlapping vibrations and this results in a decreased effective viscosity of the melts, a drop i the pressure required to extrude them through molding tools, increased critical velocities of unstable flow occurrence and a reduced load on the thrust elements of extruder screws.

Power consumption aspects have been critically analyzed to reveal that vibration effects in molding heads may reduce specific power consumption in extrusion machines, while simultaneously improving the quality of manufactured products.

The paper gives an overview of effects occurring or acoustic treatment of dissolved and molten polymers. Emphasis is made on acoustic cavitation discovered recently not only in low-viscous fluids but also in molten polymers. Major guidelines have been specified for practical utilization of acoustic treatment of flowable polymers in molding: intensification of extrusion processes, reduction in thickness of produced films, directed mechanical destruction, chemical “activation” of melts, etc. Efficiency of overlapping high-frequency vibrations in molding of molten thermoplastics is discussed in terms of power consumption.


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  • M. L. Fridman
    • 1
  • S. L. Peshkovsky
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  1. 1.USSR Research Institute of Plastic MaterialsMoscowUSSR

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