An EVES data abstraction example

  • Mark Saaltink
  • Sentot Kromodimoeljo
  • Bill Pase
  • Dan Craigen
  • Irwin Meisels
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 670)


This paper provides an introduction to EVES. EVES is a formal methods tool consisting of a language based on set theory, called Verdi, and an automated deduction system, called NEVER. We provide a general introduction to EVES and demonstrate its capabilities using an example of data abstraction (table/list).


Proof Obligation Automate Deduction Current Element Abstract Data Type Abstraction Function 
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  • Sentot Kromodimoeljo
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  • Bill Pase
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  • Dan Craigen
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  • Irwin Meisels
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