The Universal Library: Intelligent agents and information on demand

  • Raj Reddy
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The vision of The Universal Library represents a powerful idea. It is not a mere electronic equivalent of a conventional library. The scope of this library would involve a combination of sources which will provide video, movies and music on demand, as well as books, newpapers and magazines. Because of the astronomical cost of $5 to $20 billion that is required to create the The Universal Library is beyond the reach of any one country, the most effective way to attain this goal is likely to be through a truly international collaboration. The projected world wide annual revenues of $20 to $200 billion is likely to make the idea of The Universal Library into a reality.

The technical community has the opportunity to expand on the idea of the conventional library by creating what is now only a vision. There are a number of difficult technical problems we can begin to solve. But to solve the various problems and bring the vision to life will require the enlightened leadership and cooperation from the national leadership.


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