TOP-1 multiprocessor workstation

  • Norihisa Suzuki
Part II Parallel Lisp Systems and Architectures
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 441)


IBM Tokyo Research Laboratory developed a high-performance multiprocessor workstation, TOP-1, which is currently running with a multi-threaded multiprocessor version of AIX operating system, as a research prototype to study and clarify the multiprocessor architecture design points as well as to study operating systems, compilers, and application programs for multiprocessor workstations.

The novel architectural features of TOP-1 are the 2-way interleaved dual bus for providing wider bus bandwidth, the effective message broadcasting mechanism for asynchronous communications, the mechanism to allow several different snoop protocols to coexist at a time, and the high-speed and fair arbitration mechanism. In particular, it has a statistics unit that enables us to obtain statistics on operating system and application programs running on the real machine.


Cache coherency Snoop cache Shared-bus multiprocessor Interprocessor communication Queuing model simulation 


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