Cellulose and cellulose derivatives: Recent advances in physical chemistry

  • Kenji Kamide
  • Masatoshi Saito
Conference paper
Part of the Advances in Polymer Science book series (POLYMER, volume 83)


This article reviews a recent progress on the physical chemistry of cellulose and cellulose derivatives (CD) and their applications to some industrial fields. Average degree of substitution for each hydroxyl groups attached to carbon 2, 3, and 6 in a pyranose ring «f k » (k=2, 3, 6) could be estimated by 1H-and 13C-NMR methods and distribution of total degree of substitution of some CD was evaluated by thin-layer chromatography. «f k » correlated closely with the anticoagulant activity of sodium cellulose sulfate and also with the absorbency against aqueous liquid of sodium carboxymethyl cellulose. Successive solution fractionation method afforded us to prepare CD samples with relatively narrow molecular weight distribution. Light scattering measurements on the gel-free CD solutions were carried out and the number-average molecular weight of cellulose acetate (CA) was determined by membrane and vapor pressure osmometry and gel-permiation chromatography. Lower and upper critical solution temperatures were determined for CA-solvent systems. The pore forming mechanism in the CA-solvent casting process was discribed relating to critical phenomena. The solvation was verified by the chemical shift in NMR spectra and by the adiabatic compressibility. The significant contribution of the draining effect on the hydrodynamic properties was experimentally confirmed. The excluded volume effect in CA solutions was very small. The rigidity of CD molecules in the unperturbed state was estimated by various methods based on the pearl necklace and wormlike chain models. The unperturbed chain dimension of CA molecules in the solutions was decided by the polarity of the solvent and the total degree of substitution. Cellulose dissolved in a hypotherical non-polar solvent behaves as almost a freely rotating chain and the low degree of flexibility of the cellulose chain deduced from the physical properties of cellulose solution and solid, is caused by the solvation or intra-or inter-molecular hydrogen bond. The solubility of cellulose in the aqueous alkali solution was discussed.


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List of Symbols and Abbreviations


unperturbed chain dimension




weight-average combined acetic acid content


unperturbed chain dimension of a hypothetical chain with free internal rotation


second virial coefficient


unperturbed chain dimension of a chain with infinite molecular weight


long range interaction parameter


characteristic ratio


diffusion constant


average total degree of substitution per glucopyranose ring


contour length


acute toxicity


mean molecular weight per skeletal bond


number-average molecular weight


viscosity-average molecular weight


weight-average molecular weight


a parameter depending on the molecular weight range in which Mark-Houwink-Sakurada equation is valid


total number of molecules in a sample


nitrogen content of a sample


number of segments in a molecular chain


Avogadro number


a parameter related to the frictional coefficient ξ, and analogous to Flory's viscosity parameter Φ


mean square end-to-end distance


rate of flow


solubility of cellulose in aqueous alkali solution


mean square radius of gyration




critical solution temperature


temperature difference between solution and solvent in the cell of vapor pressure osmometer


draining parameter


weight-average molar volume ratio of polymer to solvent


z-average molar volume ratio of polymer to solvent


length of a link in pearl neck-lace model


polymer concentration, g/cm3


hydrodynamic radius of a segment


average degree of substitution per hydroxyl group in a pyranose ring


molecular weight of the repeating unit of a polymer (solvent)


molecular weight of a segment


number of grams of the solvating solvent molecules per 1 g of polymer


degree of polymerization of j-th polymer


concentration dependence coefficient of polymer volume fraction vp, in polymer-solvent interaction parameter χ


concentration dependence coefficient of v p 2 in χ


persistence length determined by Benoit-Doty method


persistence length determined by Yamakawa-Fujii method


qBD in unperturbed state


unperturbed persistence length at coil limit


sedimentation constant


number of the solvating solvent molecules per repeating unit at infinite dilution


polymer volume fraction, v/v

\(\bar v_p\)

molar volume of polymer


critical polymer concentration, v/v


initial polymer concentration before phase separation


weight fraction of polymer, w/w


exponent in Mark-Houwink-Sakurada equation


exponent in the equation representing the dependence of diffusion coefficient on molecular weight


exponent in the equation representing the dependence of sedimentation coefficient on molecular weight


exponent in the equation representing the dependence of Flory's viscosity parameter Φ on molecular weight


exponent in the equation representing the dependence of the frictional coefficient on molecular weight


exponent in the equation representing the dependence of the linear expansion coefficient as on molecular weight


exponent in the equation representing the dependence of the ratio square of radius of gyration in unperturbed state to molecular weight 〈S20/M on molecular weight


Flory's viscosity parameter


penetration function


linear expansion coefficient


adiabatic compressibility


binary cluster integral


correlation coefficient


chemical shift




dielectric constant


limiting viscosity number (intrinsic viscosity)


viscosity of solvent


Flory's theta solvent


exponent in the equation representing the dependence of radius of gyration on molecular weight


frictional coefficient


density of the solution


conformation parameter


polymer-solvent interaction parameter


anti-coagulant activity


concentration independent part of χ


critical χ0


amorphous content determined as 1−χcc = cristallinity determined by X-ray diffraction method)


fraction of accessible part at equilibium determined by the deuteration IR method


relative amount of higher field peaks of the C4 carbon peaks in NMR spectrum


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Kenji Kamide
    • 1
  • Masatoshi Saito
    • 1
  1. 1.Fundamental Research Laboratory of Fibers and Fiberforming PolymersAsahi Chemical Industry, Co. Ltd.Takatsuki, OsakaJapan

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