Linear problems and the existence of ϕε

Part II. Proofs
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The main result, the existence of ϕɛ has been proved before by Bleher and Sinai in their fundamental paper [16], cf the “Remarks on Section 3”. The functional analytic apparatus we are using here can be found for questions of topology in

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while a good reference for the perturbation theory is

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The hypercontractive estimates were first given by Glimm in a special case and later formulated and proved in full generality by Nelson in

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    E. NELSON. The Free Markoff Field. J. Functional Anal. 12, 211–227 (1973).CrossRefGoogle Scholar

A nice proof which gives connections to Orlitz-Spaces has been given in

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The fact that the inequality follows from the ordinary Sobolev inequalities has been shown by Sénéor (private communication), by using the bounds given by

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A very elegant new proof can be found in

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