Organic alloys

  • Yaffa Tomkiewicz
V. Experimental Investigations on TTF-TCNQ and its Derivatives
Part of the Lecture Notes in Physics book series (LNP, volume 65)


Comparison of the phase transitions of the two isostructural organic metals TTF-TCNQ and TSeF-TCNQ shows very significant differences. While TTF-TCNQ has been found to have two transitions at 38°K and 53°K, TSeF-TCNQ has only one transition at 29°K. These differences clearly demonstrate the sensitivy of quasi-one-dimensional systems to small changes of their relevant parameters in contrast to the insensitivity of many three-dimensional systems to small changes of their relevant parameters, and raises questions about the predictability of their behavior. A systematic study of the corresponding alloys enables one to follow different physical properties such as conductivity, structure, magnetism and thermo-power and their dependence on continuous changes of parameters and thus to understand their unusually important effects on one-dimensional systems.


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