The Peierls instability in the ID metal TTF-TCNQ

  • A. J. Heeger
V. Experimental Investigations on TTF-TCNQ and its Derivatives
Part of the Lecture Notes in Physics book series (LNP, volume 65)


The electronic properties of TTF-TCNQ and related 1 D conductors are reviewed in the context of the structural data which has established the incommensurate charge density wave ground state and soft-mode fluctuations associated with the Peierls instability. The frequency-dependent complex conductivity, the distribution of electronic oscillator strength, and the magnetic properties are discussed in terms of the Peierls-Fröhlich model with complex order parameter for T > 54K which becomes pinned below 54K. Far infrared studies together with measurements of the magnitude and temperature dependence of the microwave conductivity and dielectric constant provide insight into the origin of the do conductivity in the conducting regime and the large dielectric constant in the insulating regime in this class of 1 D conductors. (A detailed account of the results presented will be published in the Proceedings of the NATO Summer School on the Physics and Chemistry of 1D Conductors, Ed. by H. J. Keller, to be published by Plenum Press, 1976.)


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