Mesons, resonances, and bound states

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Orbital Angular Momentum Baryon Resonance Meson State Quark Structure Spinor Coefficient 
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    The ω-ϕ problem was first pointed out by G.A.J. Sparling in early 1975.Google Scholar
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    Much of the material in this section, as well as the next four sections, was formulated in collaboration with M. Sheppard. I would also like to express my gratitude to A. Popovich, who stressed the importance of charge conjugation to me, for numerous very useful discussions and suggestions in connection with the material described in this chapter.Google Scholar
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    The constant κ is m/√2. The signs in these formulae have been chosen such that the momentum operator \(\hat P\) AA′ is invariant under transformations (7.3.8) and (7.3.9).Google Scholar
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