Grammatical inference of graph grammars for syntactic pattern recognition

  • B. Bartsch-Spörl
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 153)


This paper presents a new approach to the use of graph grammars for syntactic pattern recognition.

First an introduction concerning the representation of complex two or three-dimensional patterns with labelled nodes and edges is given.

Then follows the definition of a special class of graph grammars with rules producing chain- and star-structured subgraphs.

A constructive inference algorithm is developed which uses the knowledge contained in the actual grammar for the productions needed for the next sample pattern.

For the same class of graph grammars, a nondeterministic syntax analysis algorithm is described which analyzes new patterns pursuing the same strategy as the inference algorithm.

Some remarks about the possibilities of extending this approach to stochastic and/or programmed grammars are added.

Finally some examples from an implementation of the graph grammar inference and analysis system are given.


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  • B. Bartsch-Spörl
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  1. 1.Softl ab GmbHMünchen 81

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