China’s Agro-Development Cooperation with Africa: The Innovative Agro-Aid Model

  • Lu JiangEmail author
Part of the Governing China in the 21st Century book series (GC21)


This chapter investigates the ‘innovative agro-aid model’ of Chinese development cooperation with Africa, particularly through examining the flagship project of Chinese Agriculture Technology Demonstration Centres (ATDCs) on the continent. It introduces the objectives, actors and mechanisms of the ATDCs, along with their general developments since 2006, and provides detailed case studies on two of the ATDCs, in Mozambique and South Africa, respectively. Based on the comparative case studies, the chapter gives a preliminary analysis as to the actual results of the ATDCs, especially around three key aspects of technology transfer, business introduction and project sustainability of the centres.


Innovative agro-aid model Agriculture Technology Demonstration Centre/ATDC Mozambique South Africa Technology transfer Business introduction Project sustainability 


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