Investigation on Residents’ Usage for Public Facility of Evacuation at Ordinary Time

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The study is an investigation conducted to know the trend of resident’s facility usage. Based on the findings of the investigation, we can learn that the most popular location of an indoor facility for residents was “public activity center,” and the outdoor facility was “park.” Besides, most residents chose “Fellowship” as their usage purpose and 3 times for 1 week was the frequency which most residents chose. When it comes to the problem of facility usage, most problems were focused on hardware problem relating to the inadequacy of equipment for an activity. In order to make residents get familiar with public facilities, the drill of disaster prevention should be designed to get fellowship with residents. Moreover, schools, which are designated shelter in a disaster, should be open to the nearby community.


Facilities of evacuation Shelter Facility usage 



Author’s thanks go to Ministry of Science and Technology in Taiwan for the financial support under Project of 105-2625-M-015-003-.


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