The International Regimes Dimension of Waterways and Straits: Slot in the Information and Analysis

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This chapter attempts to first present the international regimes, mechanism(s), and measure(s) framework. Then, four regimes related to waterways, namely ports, artificial canals, and rivers, as well as straits, to wit, channels, firths, passes or passages, and sounds, are mentioned and relevant information and analysis regarding them are slotted in (a series of) the crab and frog motion model(s).

To reiterate, the author sincerely pleas that, in future, after the adoption of the final version of a new law related to marine and maritime affairs, the academics and expert(s) in charge would apply my dialectical model and put it at least in the appendix for other interested parties to readily grasp what mechanisms and measures are involved in a specific regime.


International regimes Mechanism(s) Measure(s) Waterways Straits 


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