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This chapter addresses the socio-political context of technology education from my background as a technology education professional followed by over three decades of experience as an executive with an international technology education association, the ITEEA. In order to be valued as a key area of learning, technology needs to be distinctive in the school curriculum and create a positive perception in the minds of parents and decision makers. This is an issue of branding. Technology education associations have a key role to play in positioning the subject, informing the politics and policy advancing the subject. Teachers who become active benefit from being involved in strategy discussions and resource development, networking advantages, and political support as a result of being known and interacting with others in the technology education and wider education communities. While much has been achieved by technology education associations, they will need to continue to evolve if they are to reflect contemporary values, beliefs and assumptions of the profession, and have robust mechanisms for supporting members to work together in a digital and globalised world.


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