Role of the State and Different Political Parties Towards Narayanpatna Movement

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As far as the tribal movement in Narayanpatna is concerned,  the state and the exploiters have  tried in every manner to arrest and forcibly stop the Narayanpatna movement with different tactics. One such tactics was that the state has formed a ‘peace committee’ to counter the movement and to portray the movement as an attack on poor dalits by the Maoists of Narayanpatna. The state has banned the CMAS as a frontal Maoist organisation and has arrested all the leaders of the movement and activists of CMAS after firing two CMAS leaders. With this, the chapter in detail discusses the role of the state, reaction of the government, role of different political parties and organisation towards the movement. It critically analyses the state’s war against its own people and depicts the present scenario.


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