Narayanpatna Movement in the Koraput District of Odisha

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Among the 30 districts of Odisha, Koraput being the tribal district placed within the Scheduled Areas of the Indian Constitution and remains in news for tribal insurrection either against the British government in colonial period or against the Indian state in the post-independence period. The core issue of the tribals, that is, land problem has not been solved after seven decades of India’s independence and the tribal land alienation in the district of Koraput is going to be precarious day by day. With this background, the chapter discusses about the Koraput district and its tribals and their socio, economic and cultural issues. It also focuses on the history of land administration and land alienation in the district. The chapter in detail analyses the Narayanpatna movement in Koraput district including different phases, causes and nature of the movement. It also critically examines the importance and impact of the movement and the nature of the state as far as Narayanpatna movement is concerned. 


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