Element Importance

  • Ilya GertsbakhEmail author
  • Yoseph Shpungin
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Birnbaum Importance Measure (BIM) of element j is defined as \(\partial R/\partial p_j\), where R is system reliability. \(BIM_j\) measures the influence of element j reliability \(p_j\) on system reliability R. Element importance analysis plays important role in system reliability design. We consider in this chapter several methods of calculating \(BIM_j\) based on Monte Carlo, direct enumeration and structure analysis for some simple structures like series and parallel systems. We demonstrate also the impact of most important element improvement on system reliability.


BIM Series/parallel systems Enumeration Monte Carlo Optimal design 


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  2. 2.Software Engineering DepartmentShamoon College of EngineeringBeer-ShevaIsrael

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