Nurturing Professionalism

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My generation has witnessed enormous changes around it in almost every field: vehicles, travel time, communication, entertainment, healthcare, consumer goods, housing and so on. I feel proud that I had the privilege to contribute a tiny part of that. Engineering is a vast endeavour today, encompassing every walk of human activity. Looking back, I feel happy to share a few things from my fifty years of association with engineering. Many great personalities steered my course on this journey. Great indeed, not because they influence many, but because they visualize, plan, think, act, and lead, and always think of the society before everything else. Unfolding the journey not only helped one in introspection but also to share thought on what I consider are the traits that a good engineer should have at the back of his mind to guide him through his professional journey. In a way, some past events will come forth, some views, though personal, can be shared, some take-away and reflections that can make us think further.

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