Taxonomy of Alpheidae from China Seas

  • Zhong-li Sha
  • Yan-rong Wang
  • Dong-ling Cui


Based on the historical materials deposited in the Marine Biological Museum, Chinese Academy of Sciences, a total of 145 species belonging to 16 genera are described and illustrated herein. The keys of 16 genera and all species of each genus are provided, respectively. Alpheus Fabricius, 1798, most species-rich genus of Alpheidae, currently contains 311 described species, and 75 out of them are identified from China seas. Synalpheus Spence Bate, 1888, the second largest genus of Alpheidae, more than 170 species has been described worldwide. Thirty one species of Synalpheus are identified herein and 4 out of them are new to science: S. brevrostrus Wang & Sha, 2015; S. jinqingensis Wang & Sha, 2015; S. liui Wang & Sha, 2015; S. tonkinensis Wang & Sha, 2015. Automate De Man, 1888 has been reported 12 species worldwide, and 3 out of them are founded from China seas, including two new to science species: A. anacanthopusoides Wang & Sha, 2017; A. spinosa Wang & Sha, 2017. Furthermore, other genera are reviewed based on the present materials, sepecially the Stenalpheops Miya, 1997. With or without the caudal appendix was ever taken as sexual dimorphism, and the segment number of the caudal appendix was taken as the interspecific difference in the Stenalpheops. The present abundant materials indicate that the absence or presence of the caudal appendix is an important character in diagnosis of species, so the type specimens of Stenalpheops anacanthus Miya, 1997 actually should be identified as two species. Additionally, the segment number of the caudal appendix (2–13) is intraspecific variation in the Stenalpheops. Thus, the species which was established according to the difference of the segment number of the caudal appendix should be taken as a synonym. Additionally, two newly recorded genera Bermudacaris Anker and Iliff, 2000 and Thuylamea Nguyên, 2001 from China seas are described. The Bermudacaris and Thuylamea were firstly established from the Bermuda Islands and Vietnam, respectively. Although a number of papers about the morphological research on the Alpheidae from China seas have been published, a systematic work is still required. The present paper describes and illustrates the alpheids shrimps from China seas based on the all specimens deposited in the MBMCAS, and offers a good reference to further research on the Alpheidae.


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