The Boldface Martin-Harrington Theorem in \(\mathsf{Z_2}\)

  • Yong ChengEmail author
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The Boldface Martin-Harrington Theorem is the relativization of the Martin-Harrington Theorem. The former expresses that \(Det(\varvec{\varSigma _1^1})\) if and only if for any real x, \(x^{\sharp }\) exists. In this chapter, I prove the Boldface Martin-Harrington Theorem in \(\mathsf{Z_2}\) . In Sect. 3.1, I prove in \(\mathsf{Z_2}\) that if for any real \(x, x^{\sharp }\) exists, then \(Det(\varvec{\varSigma _1^1})\) holds. In Sect. 3.2, I prove in \(\mathsf{Z_2}\) that \(Det(\varvec{\varSigma _1^1})\) implies that for any real x, \(x^{\sharp }\) exists.


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