General Outlook of Wireless Body Area Sensor Networks

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  • Dhananjay Kumar
  • KumKum Som
  • Pramod Kumar
  • Krista Chaudhary
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One of the most promising fields is Wireless Body Area Sensor network (WBASN) which consists of a large number of wearable or implantable sensor nodes for collecting physiological data from the patients. The healthcare data is most sensitive digital data which contains high, delicate private data, and it needs to be shared among the peoples such as health specialists, pharmacist, family members, insurance companies, hospitals, etc. Due to the openness of wireless network, WBASN is vulnerable to a different variety of attacks; it needs high-security mechanisms to secure the data. The breach of healthcare information is one of the most crucial concern nowadays. In this paper, we mainly emphasise the general outlook of wireless body area sensor networks, which includes the architecture of healthcare system, various research domain, need of security and privacy of WBASNs. Further, the pro and cons of different security mechanism for WBASNs are discussed.


Security Privacy Wireless body area sensor networks Healthcare system Attack 


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